Wedding Photographer Prices – Find Out What to Actually Pay

Wedding Photographer Prices – Find Out What to Actually Pay

Wedding photography prices


Small weddings – typically the rate of such an occasion is around $500, which includes coverage of two to four hours of photography. This service generally does not include wedding albums.

Mid-sized weddings – if your wedding involves some more guests and is a bit bigger, you naturally will need a slightly more coverage. For such wedding package the going rate can range from $500 to $1000. This package commonly has provision for additional hours of coverage and includes other items like additional prints, special albums etc.

Big weddings – photography of big weddings comes with a price tag of more than $2500. This package includes more than eight hours of coverage which can add an extra photographer for better coverage. This package also includes photo books and special albums as well.

Luxury weddings – this package comes at a price tag of more than $4000 and comes with unlimited coverage. The photography is done by three photographers and can include photo shoots at different locations. The package includes wedding albums and photo books.

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Tips to lower wedding photography prices

If the wedding photography prices seems too prohibitive you can use the following tips in order to lower the wedding photography prices.

  1. You can cut down the wedding photography prices by excluding the album price. All you have to do is ask the photographer to give you the digital copies of all photos on a CD.  You then can print the photos and create the album yourself.
  2. You can ask for the quote for delivering only the proofs and negatives which will save you a handful. You can print the photos and create the wedding album yourself.
  3. If you want to save more money, you can shun the wedding photographer and ask one of your friends who is good with the camera to take the wedding pictures.
  4. You can place disposable cameras all over the wedding venue and let the guests take pictures as they like. You will get some great natural photos this way.

When you know at what price a wedding photographer comes, you can use the above tips to bring down the wedding photography prices considerably.