What Are Warts?

Warts are the result of an infection prominently in either the feet or hands but also in other parts of the body. It resembles round white color forms that appear in the surface of the skin. They are rigid in nature and encrusted deep into the epidermis.hand with warts isolated on white background

This type of condition spreads easily among people in its 10 forms but most commonly in its less severe one. They tend to disappear after a while but they can reappear which means that treatments are really mandatory in such cases. A follow up of current warts till their eradication is beneficial for all patients.

The misinformation of people in general in regards to this disease usually causes them to ignore it in its first stages as something less severe. This is the main reason why the disease on average lasts at least a few months before people realize that it is about something more serious.


Cause of Warts

The cause of this disease is the human papilloma virus known by the acronym HPV. It has around 130 forms that each affect specific parts of the body. Besides the hands and feet as the virus is most common, it also tends to affect to some degree parts of the body such as the anus, vagina, penis among others.

Skin diseases that are related to immune deficient incidences like Warts, Vitiligo, Eczema or Psoriasis can be treated.  We start by looking at the basics of why your immune system was unable to defend your body against this the first place.



Technological medical advances have enabled the creation of vaccines to counter such HPV effects among them Gardasil by Merck & Co. which is specially designed to counter types 18, 16, 11 and 6 by the activation of a complex protein sub unit.

Besides more complex and expensive treatments it is known that the acrid yellow sap has a concentrated salicylic acid substance which is powerful in combating such warts. People who don’t have money might want to resort to such types of natural remedies and even to superstitious rituals in order to counter the effects of warts and obtain the cure. However, many skin treatment centers are capable of providing reliable solutions that eradicate the problem. They apply high quality skin industry standard techniques in order to combat the formations of warts and to obtain an enhanced healing state. Their prognosis revolves around the concept that in order to have a permanent cure one must proceed with counter treatments to maintain the skin and rid it of HPV viruses in its various forms by applying maintaining substances to the affected regions as needed.

Natural and home remedies for Vitiligo, Warts, Eczema or Psoriasis usually start with building your immune system from the ground up.  Feed your body with the nutrition and with some targeted supplementation. Some research will be able to point you to some effective and non health damaging solutions.



Skin centers are able to provide an accurate analysis of the affected region through topic observation of the epidermis in order to first determine the type of HPV a patient has. Then skin doctors provide a step by step plan of treatment including costs, procedures and the short, mid to long term effects and expected results. This is the difference of seeking out professionals in the skin industry rather to attempting to use non reliable solutions that might not give you the cure you want.


Also look at reviews which are able to provide an accurate representation of what past patients experienced and if their treatment was beneficial which is very important when making your choice of treatment.